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Niños fundación Questro en Los Cabos

 Our children are the future, let's educate them.


It has supported the community of Los Cabos in different causes; medical, disasters, addictions, education, campaigns, constructions, etc., addressing the issues that arise. After its experience and analyzing the needs, it decides to enter the field of Education, not leaving the population alone in natural disasters such as hurricanes. That is why Grupo Questro, committed to the cause and the community of Los Cabos, creates the Questro Foundation A.C. We are primarily backed by the developments that integrate the Group; executives, collaborators, and volunteers who stand out for their dedication and commitment. Likewise, we work together with directors and teachers from educational institutions, who provide dignified, warm, and loving treatment to children. We fulfill our mission through our education programs, promoting and improving educational opportunities and quality in Los Cabos so that our children can integrate into their community as healthy and productive individuals.


To promote the sustainable development of the community through comprehensive education.

Apoyo a la educación fundación Questro
Fomentado la comunidad fundación Questros


To foster a society composed of prepared, productive, responsible, healthy individuals with values and principles.


Dreams Scholarship      Academic Scholarships

Helping to Reach

Bicycles as means of transportation

Donating Treasures

Donation of books and libraries

Improving the School

Support with materials, construction, and furniture

Wrapping Hearts 

School Uniforms

Teletón Support

Fundraising through employees, guests, golf players, and other customers

Mexico United with Values 

Promotion of key values through talks and events



This letter is to thank the Padrinos Questro and the Questro Foundation for the support they are providing me, as thanks to the scholarship, I was able to continue with my high school studies. Since I have 4 siblings, my mother can barely afford to send us all to school: one is in 2nd grade of secondary school, my brother is in 5th grade of primary school, and the other is in 3rd grade of primary school. The youngest sister is about to enter preschool, so now more than ever I need your support. For now, my mother is the one supporting the family since my father passed away 4 months ago, and I also have to work on weekends to help my mom with the family expenses because she cannot manage alone. Finally, I also want to thank the values talks as they have taught us some of the many values that are useful for life and even for interacting with society - Adela Reyes de Jesús


BECALOS and the Questro Foundation have helped me a lot because they offer great financial assistance, and well, also with the talks we have had personally, they have helped me to not forget the values ​​we have and to reflect and put them more into practice. Well, if I didn't have the help of BECALOS and the Questro Foundation, it would be very difficult for me to be in COBACH since my mom cannot afford so many expenses. When my mom found out that I had a scholarship, she was very excited and grateful, and she continues to be grateful. The money they deposit has also helped me because there were times when the school asked for material, and with that money, I could buy what I needed and other things. That's why I think all the scholarship recipients are very grateful for everything they have done for us, so personally, it has helped me a lot, and the talks and everything that the Questro Foundation and BECALOS Fundación Televisa have done have served me well. So thank you very much.- Reyna Gisel Leal Aviles


Hello, how are you! The scholarship granted to us by the Questro Foundation and the support of the Padrinos Questro has been very useful to me and my family. It has helped us to buy groceries, school supplies, bus fares, and to carry out teamwork. It is a great help to know that every month we have money in the bank, because then we have cash when we need it. Since the beginning of the school year that has just ended, the contributions from the Questro Foundation and the Padrinos Questro have been extremely helpful. My family is very grateful for the support provided. From backpacks, uniforms, shoes, supplies, cash, and personally, they supported me with reading glasses. Truly, I am very grateful to you. Having your support has been wonderful, but on the other hand, I am sorry not to attend the meetings, due to work reasons. In essence, the support from GRUPO QUESTRO has helped my dad with his financial matters, so when he doesn't have money, I lend him some, and vice versa. - Aimé Ramírez

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